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Bloom SMP Rules

This guideline is to provide players with the appropriate information for playing.
We will only punish players with sufficient evidence from logs, screenshots, or videos.
All players will receive equal punishment regardless of their previous status or affiliation with the server.

  1. No Cheating, Hacking or Exploiting Bugs
  2. No Bypassing Ban / Mute / Filter
  3. No Disrespect / Harassment / Trolling / Toxicity / Racism / Eroticism / Sexism / Questionable Terms
  4. No Spamming / Advertising
  5. Keep the chat in English at all times
  6. No Excessive Derogatory Swearing
  7. No Scamming
  8. No PVP’ing unless agreed upon
  9. No Teleport Trapping / Killing / Lava Killing
  10. No Death Threats / Malicious Threats / Encouraging Suicide
  11. No Griefing
  12. Do not abuse land power
  13. Alternative Accounts
  14. Disrespecting Pronouns

Anything that harms the community, players, server economy, or server as a whole and is not meant to be a normal feature of Minecraft or Bloom SMP is subject to punishment, even if it is not laid out specifically in the rules.

No Cheating, Hacking, or Exploiting Bugs.

  • Any player who finds a way around the system to gain an advantage is considered a cheater.
  • Any player who modifies their client or uses a program to give them an advantage is a hacker.
    • All modifications/programs besides the following are prohibited:
      • Minimaps / Waypoints
      • Lighting modifications
      • Optifine
      • Shulker Peek
      • Crafting Recipe Mods
      • Schematica / Litematica (No AutoBuild)
      • REI/NEI
      • Itemscroller
      • Appleskin
    • Auto-Clickers are not allowed
  • Any player who knowingly exploits a bug is an exploiter.
    • Example: Item duplication or abusing an error caused by staff.
    • If you discover a bug, make a ticket and report it.
    • Hiding the bug, abusing it, or telling other players will raise your ban length.
  • Chunk loaders are not permitted. This counts as cheating.

 Bypassing Ban / Mute / Filter

  • Players may not bypass a ban or mute by any method, including using alternate accounts.
  • Players may not intentionally try to get around the chat filter.

No Disrespect / Harassment / Trolling / Toxicity / Racism / Eroticism / Sexism / Questionable Terms

  • Be polite and respectful to others regardless of the situation.
    • Report a player or /ignore them if you feel that you have engaged in a toxic conversation with them.
    • Repeated violations of toxicity that negatively affect the community will result in punishment.
  • Bothering a player repeatedly is considered harassment.
    • If a player asks you to leave their land, leave the area entirely.
    • If a player asks you to stop messaging, then stop.
  • If the public chat becomes too heated over a topic, then a staff member reserves the right to break it up and mute players. Refusal to follow staff instructions in a situation like this will result in punishment.
  • Treating someone poorly based on race falls under the racism rule, and all players will be punished accordingly. Racism is defined as prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's race is superior.
  • Any variation of socially questionable terms will not be tolerated.
    • This includes any variation of the N-word, regardless of context.
    • This includes any other racist, sexist, or homophobic terms.
    • This includes terms in English as well as other languages.
    • This includes item names, on signs, etc.
  • Impersonating staff members is not allowed.
  • Absolutely no political discussions are allowed in public server chat. Any discussion of political views or beliefs must occur in DM’s.
  • Conversations or content about or promoting erotic or pornographic content is explicitly prohibited. Please keep in mind that there are minors on the server.
  • Do not discuss sensitive issues (abortion, coronavirus, religion, etc) in public chat. Please keep it in messages or DM’s.

Keep the chat in English at all times

  • Chatting in your own language is only allowed in whispers.
  • Do not engage when you see people talking in your (not-english) language.

No Excessive Derogatory Swearing

  • Players can swear to express themselves, not to insult/attack others.
    • Allowed: “Fuck I died from a creeper.”
    • Not Allowed: “Fuck you, asshole.”
  • Staff members will determine when swearing becomes excessive.

No Scamming

  • Scamming is falsely promising one thing and then doing another. The following are examples of scamming.
    • Modifying items to appear as if they are still in their original state when they are not.
    • Renaming items on the auction house and pretending they are something else (ex: naming tripwire hook “Epic Key” and selling it)
    • Putting an enchanted item through a grindstone and then selling it as if it was the original item.
    • Tricking players to gain profit.
  • We are not responsible for any transactions between players that involve real-life money.

No PVP’ing unless agreed upon

  • Do not PVP unless both parties agree. 
  • When someone bothers you, this does not give you the right to kill them. Let an admin know what’s going on instead.

No Teleport Trapping / Killing / Lava Killing

  • Teleporting to a player’s land or having a player teleport to theirs to kill them is considered teleport-killing.
  • Portal trapping is prohibited. All Nether portals must not be blocked off with doors or blocks.
  • Attempting to kill a player through lava is considered lava killing.

No Death Threats / Malicious Threats / Encouraging Suicide

  • Malicious threats include DDOS attacks / Leaking another person’s information.
  • Threatening to kill a person in real life is considered a death threat.
  • Telling players to commit suicide, encouraging them, or jokingly saying “kys” is not allowed.

No Griefing

  • Do not destroy anything that is not yours.
  • Do not steal from chests that are not yours.
  • Defacing or destroying the natural appearance of land within 48 blocks of a land claim is prohibited.
  • Destroying or altering builds within 16 blocks of a claim is prohibited.
  • Building within 16 blocks of a claimed land is not allowed.
  • Use common sense. If the builder/land owner doesn’t want something to be there, it is most likely considered griefing.
  • Landowners and members are responsible for all unclaimed land destroyed or griefed. The griefer will be punished, but items will not be refunded to the land members. (Claim your land!)

Do not abuse land power

  • This rule applies to all members of a land.
  • This includes but is not limited to the following:
    • Kicking active players out without letting them retrieve their items.
    • Kicking active players out after they store their items to steal them.
    • Stealing items from other players' chunks.
    • Griefing the land claims or surrounding territory.
  • We will not roll back any land griefed by members of your land. It is still your responsibility to add players that you can trust.

 Alternative Accounts

  • Sharing the same IP address with a friend or family member is allowed for up to one person.
  • Using alternate accounts to AFK farm is not allowed.

 Disrespecting Pronouns

  • Intentionally abusing, misrepresenting, or disrespecting pronouns (including neo-pronouns) is not allowed. This includes but is not limited to:
    • Pronouns set by another player.
    • Pronouns set to yourself.
    • Players not wanting to set their pronouns.